Name : Terry Alan Young, MA, MBA
Affilate : President/CEO
Beyond the First World Corporation
Country : Houston, Texas USA
“After 25+ years experience in numerous capacities in knowledge transfer, my knowledge interests are internationally focused upon transferring knowledge to emerging markets and the developing world, as this is where knowledge transfer is most needed.”  
“Countries of the world continue to enter the knowledge transfer field for the first time. Few of these countries know where to begin. There is so much more to be done to educate the developing world in the realities of knowledge transfer, and to develop realistic expectations before initiating efforts. ”  
“The knowledge economy is arriving with accelerating speed. Furthermore, transfer of knowledge is no longer a North-to-South phenomenon. Knowledge is flowing South-to-South, and even South-to-North, with TK, GIs, bio-material, pharmaceutical advancements in India, China and Singapore, electronic advancements in China and India, and software advancements throughout the Southern Hemisphere.”  
“My vision is a world where ICT becomes the foundation for international, simultaneous communication, thereby making an international knowledge economy a reality. The fear is the censorship imposed by many countries for political reasons is beginning to restrict the free flow of information significantly.”