Name: Venkateshwar ‘Venky’ Rao

Affiliation: Chief Strategy Officer and GM-Services UST Global
Hyderabad, INDIA.


Country: Hyderabad, INDIA.


‘Innovation networks will effectively tap into opportunities by delivering results beyond what traditional product and process innovations have often produced...optimizing the entire global ecosystems including partners, suppliers, customers, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.’

‘As the parties to the innovation process extend beyond the four walls of an enterprise, devices, approaches, revenue models, delivery channels, and profitability can be transformed in ways that no individual can achieve working alone.’

‘The future will see a sea change in the knowledge management by ensuring it focuses on building insights which are converted into an innovative idea pool. It will employ social networking and crowd sourcing to tap into larger creative capital.’

‘Innovations will take place where rubber meets the road bringing in the new ways of forging partnerships and value creation in the new flat world.’

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