William Ghormley
Name : William A. Ghormley
Affilate : Senior Vice President for Business Development
Xconomy, Inc
Country : Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
URL : http://www.xconomy.com
“My roots of knowledge (and the knowledge field) began early, first in biology, then in science, philosophy, religion, history, and related disciplines.  Currently I am studying how city clusters form and around what ideas, technologies, capital flows and human resources -- especially in the context of intense urbanization.”  
“Some of my greatest challenges: understanding how light interacts with the human eye-brain; Managing a Research Institute at the pace of discovery; disrupting workflow patterns in the health care industry to reduce infection; understanding the intersection of Brand theory and Customer Experience design; melding objective media content creation with commercial attachments; and accelerating cluster formation sustainably across generations.”  
Vision for a Knowledge Economy  
  1. That pure, credible, authoritative information can build trust and accelerate cluster propagation.
  2. That humans can find a balance with the forces of nature for the creation of good and beauty.
  3. That human inhumanity to humans will cease, or slow as rapidly as possible.
“We need: education of all human females so they can forever be given opportunity, understanding of the human role in ecology, sustainability, and biology, and to create a future for our progeny that is truly much better than our own.”  
“My mantra: to trust, love and care deeply; to embrace life, and hold on tight; to sing, to laugh, to reach for all that life offers you; to give, to share, to reach out, and help each other every step of the way; to be grateful, to be humble; to be part of something bigger than any of us could ever be.”  
“Why, where, when, who, what, and how can we make this a better world?”