Dr. Waldemar De Gregori

Name: Dr. Waldemar De Gregori

Title: President

Affiliation: International Social Cybernetics Associates

Country: Brazil

“Energy organizes and manifests itself in “triplets” or tripods switching positions and functions among them as a Triune System: rational-scientific, intuitive-innovative, and pragmatic-technological knowledge.”

“As social and human sciences have been subdued by an old economic vision embraced by Darwinian corporations, there is resistance to go further and embrace a broader knowledge vision that should consider the production of “public goods” as well (safety, environment, poverty relief, democracy, social justice, peace, etc.).”  

“Globality is not a fad, it is evolution and it is mandatory. Also it is not only a geographical concept: it is a wholly concept, implying wholeness: humanity along with its environmental planet. The main issue is no longer wealth production: it is the whole humanity within its total environment survival or sustainability.”

  “We are at a turning point in civilization. The quest for innovation in economy should urgently include innovation in knowledge: from monadic, scattered, all-economic knowledge, to triune, integrated, and all-human knowledge.”

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