Susanne Justesen

Name: Suzanne Justesen

Title: Founder and Chief Strategist

Affiliation: Innoversity Network, LLC

Country: DENMARK


“With roots in intercultural management, we’re exploring the relationship between innovation and diversity, thereby make it easier for future organisations to benefit from diversity in their innovative practice.”

“Challenge to translate the theoretical learnings about the knowledge economy into practice (i.e., theories-in-use), applying what is more of a mindset, and attitude or a paradigm into daily practices, routines, methodologies and toolboxes.”

“The importance of the degree of diversity and/or similarity in innovation…groups and organisations characterised by a high degree of similarity will have a tendency to be internally well-connected and cohesive allowing for easy transfer of highly complex and specialised forms of knowledge. On the other hnad,  a more diverse set of external ties is likely to be more innovative, in its ability to learn about and exploit the primary sources of innovation....drawing upon a multitude of perspectives and skills.”

“My vision for the knowledge economy is a world in which there is no-best-way, no one-way – where we all have a desire to learn more, to broaden our perspective – and listen and learn more carefully – and indeed, embrace - from those who are different from ourselves.”

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