Samina Kamal

Name: Samina Kamal

Title: Manager

Affiliation: UNDP Virtual Development Academy

Country: USA


“Not all information is knowledge. It is up to individuals and organizations to determine what information qualifies as intellectual and knowledge-based assets. The challenge is to determine how to recognize 'know-how', assemble it, share it and manage it.”

“Nor is knowledge static. Its relevance changes over time. Some has long-term value while some is transient. True KM is about creating order...”

“As an international development specialist, the knowledge focus is one of promoting economic, social and political development – creating learning interventions through the Virtual Development Academy (VDA).

“Build collaborative electronic networks to evolve development projects with governments, donors, international organizations, private institutions and NGO’s – all in the interest of modern governance, democracy and poverty alleviation.”

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