Name: Pranas B. Milius

Title: Director

Affiliation: Kaunas University of Technology Regional Business Incubator Kaunas

Country:   Lithuania



“My vision of Knowledge economy: The knowledge must be created purposeful. The use of knowledge potential should be the priority for governmental institutions. The business should be informed continually that without knowledge, its products will lose its competitive ability.” 

“We established the first Business Incubator in Lithuania in 1998. Now it is considered the most successful Business Incubator in Lithuania; and it has been evaluated as the Best Science Based Business Incubator over the world during the last three years.”

“I served as Chairman of Baltics Dynamics 2006 – International Partnership promoting innovative business. Now, we need to focus on the 6th Framework Program (EU) which helps to promote the participation in EU research programs.”

“I work in the fields of SME's and innovation development this includes business incubation, technology transfer and general innovation policy. Cooperation on all levels is the main issue. It takes great effort to raise awareness on the development of innovation culture.”

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