Dr. Ante Pulic and Karmen Jelcic

Name: Dr. Ante Pulic

Title: Professor of Business Organization
Affiliation: University of Zagreb

Title: Cofounder of the Austrian IC Research Center
Affiliation: University of Graz

Name: Karmen Jelcic

Title: CEO,  "IC-Promoter", Consultant
Affiliation: Intellectual Capital Center

Country: Croatia

URL: www.measuring-ip.at, www.vaic-on.net, www.cik-hr.com 


"Change of economic paradigm, which is more radical then the shift from agrarian to industrial society."

"Start by analyzing current economic reality."

"First step towards bridging the gap between traditional accounting and measuring IC efficiency."

"We should feel honored to live in this exceptional period of time and to participate in the creation of a new Weltanschauung and a new economy."

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