Name: Sam Hamdan

Title: Chairman

Affiliation: Tranzishen

Country:  Lebanon / USA



“We have an opportunity to announce clustering partnerships that enhance the prosperity of us all, explore how innovation can benefit humanity, share reports from entrepreneurs on social and economic development, and highlight opportunities to foster better governance to eliminate the risk of violence and terrorism.”  

“The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE) tackles 6 themes: Infrastructure & Competitiveness; Knowledge & Development; Energy & Sustainable Development; Geopolitics & Innovation Society; Growth Strategies & Prosperity; and Disruptive Innovations & Value Creation.”

“The successful outcome of the Muscat phase of the Summit marks, however, the beginning of our quest for sustainable growth and improved standard of living for all. We now need to transform the commitments and plans adopted in Muscat into concrete actions that will result in the growth of enterprises, increased vivacity of economies, and the advancement of social innovation.”

“What one corporation learns can be adapted across borders and industries. We are witnessing the evolution of new standards based upon best practices. A better generation is in the making.”

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