Name: Effat El Shooky

Title: Vice President, RITSEC

Affiliation: Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center Cairo

Country:  EGYPT




“To date, there is little Arabic content or content in English produced by Arab countries on the Internet. Access to locally developed content, content relative to local cultures and interests, and content in Arabic is essential. In spite of these barriers (e.g., computer-illiteracy rates, lack of awareness), RITSEC has established more than 100 cyber clubs throughout the country and has offered more than 50,000 hours of training.”

"Our mission is to support and help development of the Information Technology and Software Industry in the Arab Region in order to become a World-Class industry capable of competing at international levels; and to serve as a catalyst for accelerating socio-economic development, within the Region."

“It has always been the concern of RITSEC to explore new fields, and undertake Initiatives in these fields, piloting in Egypt before moving on to the Region, and incubating the activities and projects till they fulfill the goals, which were set to be achieved.”

“Our Global Campus reflects a serious effort to formulate a global learning environment through the intelligent integration of the evolving communications and electronic publishing technologies with the existing education infrastructure.”

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