Terri Willard

Name: Terri Willard

Title: Project Manager

Affiliation: Knowledge Communications, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Address: CANADA

URL: http://www.iisd.org

“Globalization has shaken up the world of sustainable development – requiring new ways of doing things and sharing these innovations as fast and as far as possible.”

"We have had to learn to innovate, manage, and apply our knowledge collectively on shoestring budgets.  It has required wedding the flexibility and speed of communities of practice (involving individuals) to the accountability and clout of formal knowledge networks (of organizations).”

“In collaboration with a team of outstanding young people from around the world, we have developed the Youth Creating Digital Opportunities (YCDO) Coalition and Community to realize the potential of such youth as catalysts for networking young change agents on a global level.”

“A society in which dense networks of relationships empower all people to develop, share and implement ideas and technologies equitably.  This society will also provide greater transparency regarding the values embodied in innovations and promote rapid accountability for the outcomes and impacts of new technologies and ideas.”

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