[E100 Alert] Youth and Leaders: In Search of Innovation - (July 2009)

In Search of Innovation:- A Book for Children and Leadership Executives by Debra M. Amidon Illustrations by Ron and Arye Dvir

ISBN: 88-89460-06-7

What is the fundamental source of value creation? 

How do we build economic value for ourselves and society at large?

How can we realize our innovation potential?


Though the origin of an idea is highly personal,

it becomes powerful only when it touches many other people.


- Ashok Soota, Chairman of MindTree Limited

  Dear E100:
  Around the globe, the dialogue about education – and youth in particular - has taken center stage. We are witnessing the dramatic revamping of curriculum, stellar technology demonstration sites and rapid movement toward Global Higher Education…all in the name of innovation.
    With MIT making their entire courseware available on-line, we know something fundamental is shifting. We’ve begun to find chief academic innovation officers and undergraduate degree programs in innovation. This reinforces our notions of the Knowledge Millennium Generation. Over half of the E100 have academic relationships with one or more universities; and many have K-20 projects.
    Thanks to the ingenuity of some E100, our children’s book for leadership executives has catalyzed the discussion in some unexpected ways…
  mindtreelogo copy.jpgYou already learned in the E100 Alert (6-4-08) about how E100 Raj DATTA (India) was able to commission a version with MindTree Limited to be distributed at the World Summit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE) in Dubai – an event orchestrated by another E100, Sam HAMDEN (Lebanon/USA).

What you may NOT have known is the story of their logo! MindTree's visual identity demonstrates the organization's DNA - Imagination, Action and Joy. The upward blue stroke signifies limitless Imagination. The red background symbolizes Action, while the yellow dots are the bubbles of Joy. MindTree’s identity was designed by Chetan, a student of the Spastics Society of Karnataka. Chetan has learned not to let cerebral palsy hold back his brilliant, creative mind.
    And what if you have an opportunity to bring together 10,000 people over 5 days?

This is what E100 Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia) did with an Innovation Circus that preceded the Baltics Dynamics which he chaired in Riga along with two other E100 Raivo Tamkivi (Estonia) and Pranus Milius (Lithuania). But this was only the beginning…

Once he saw the hard cover version, he found a local sponsor and produced the Latvian translation. You can find the photo insert (below) which was prepared with a customized Foreword by Andris Ozols, Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūras direktors. This also provided visibility for his own Latvian Technological Center; but more importantly, it inspired the youth of his country.

    There is no reason that this little fable couldn’t be produced in every language across the globe. Several E100 have inquired and many versions are in process. What about YOUR country…and YOUR native language?

Perhaps no one has done more to promote the innovation dialogue with youth AND leadership executives than E100 Ron DVIR (Israel) who illustrated the book with his Dad. For several years he has showcased the work in a variety of European Union Forums – some of which include others from the ENTOVATION Network, such as the photo below of E100 Tomasz RUDOLF (Poland).


    It started with the E100 Roundtable in Monterrey, Mexico; and now there is hardly a company or country that has now discovered the value of new ideas…and more important, how ideas can be converted and commercialized to generate wealth. The beauty of the illustrations is that they capture the history of art and culture around the world.

In Search of Innovation is a book designed to unleash the exploration process in us all. It is a story that affirms the need for persistence, self-confidence and collaboration. Innovation – putting knowledge into action – requires dynamic interaction with others. For children and leadership executives, the discovery process can be both exciting and frustrating – the simultaneous delight of acceptance and the agony of rejection.

Following the flow of an idea through completion, though, is the essence of progress, sustainability and true economic wealth. Each of the E100 has their own story.  And this is one of the reasons their collective wisdom is so valuable. Note who you are…

    As many of you know, I have some of my own roots at MIT…so do several of you. They are approaching their 150 year anniversary and have planned an MIT Museum celebration of the top 150 innovations. Our ENTOVATION Network has been nominated.
    Check the page: http://museum.mit.edu/150/entries/1376. In fact, you are welcome load a comment of your own!
    Let me know if you believe there would be a likely sponsor or publisher interested in creating a translated version for your purpose. This is one way, we might be able to influence innovation for youth (where it counts)…and on a global scale.
    More news about E100 Roundtable plans coming soon!
Debra M. Amidon
Founder and CEO
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