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The network continues to grow in substance and scope...

There are 6 new additions to our Global Knowledge Leadership Map - http://www.entovation.com/kleadmap/index.htm. Take a look at their capabilities and aspirations to see how they dovetail with your own.

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David Wortley

David Wortley (Leicester, UK) is the Project Manager for the NTI Creative Industries Centre for Knowledge Exchange, De Montfort University. He is well-known for his multi-media savvy with international forums using computer, telephone and radio broadcasting. His most recent topical themes include role of interactive GIS mapping and creative ICT for sustainable development - http://www.communityzero.com/ntike. Visit his bio - http://www.hcln.net/Papers/djwbio.htm to discover the depth of his main areas of interest, which include community media, telecentres, learning networks, virtual conferencing, SME development, social enterprise, innovation, e-learning and KM.

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Edward Truch

The man behind the highly acclaimed Henley College KM Program, Dr. Edward Truch (UK) has recently launched a new initiative – the Center for Innovation and Information Technology (CIIT) at Lancaster University. As an entrepreneur, he is founding Director of KnowledgePartners - http://www.knowledge-partners.com/ - an enterprise dedicated to connecting clients, marketing and intelligence in novel ways. An architect of the UK National Grid for Learning - http://www.ngfl.gov.uk/, he’s published numerous articles and two books "Knowledge Orientation in Organizations" and "Leveraging Corporate Knowledge". Roots of his experiences in Poland and the Middle East make him a modern Renaissance man.

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Sylviane Toporkoff

Sylviane Toporkoff (Paris, France) is Associate Partner, ITEMS International - http://www.items.fr/ - an international consulting firm based in Paris, dedicated to delivering Information & Communication Technology (ICT) strategies. She has also served as President of The Global Forum, which for the several years has set the standard for an influential dialogue on the Broad Convergence for Services & Applications for Businesses & Communities in a Knowledge-based Society. Take a look at the program for 2005 held in Belgium - http://www.items.fr/globalforum.php3?id_rubrique=75. She has written a number of books, founded Amnesty International in France, and participated in a number of international think-tank circles, including the Club of Rome.

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Tõnis Mets

Professor and head of the Business Centre, at the prestigious University of Tartu (Estonia), Dr. Tõnis Mets has been responsible for the administration support for the production of the E100 Readings tri-volume series on Knowledge Economics. An entrepreneur with his own company, ALO OŰ, he is also professor at Audentes University (Tallin). Witness to the ‘Singing Revolution’ in 1989, he is co-founder and former chairman of the Association of Estonian Business Consultants - http://www.ngonet.ee/db/ngo?rec=00725 - and has been engaged in the EU PHARE-programme. With degrees from Tallin Technical University and St. Petersburg Agricultural University, he is the author of 15 inventions from the early 1980’s.

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Maria Loumioti

Maria Loumioti (Athens, Greece), Marketing Director for YUASEC (an NGO for youth research and entrepreneurship promotion) - http://www.yuasec.org/index.php?id=10 - is a recent graduate of Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business. She has won three awards in national managerial student competitions and has participated in a number of national and international conferences of EU, AIESEC and AEGEE. She is an active member/volunteer in AIESEC, dedicated in global communication and integration. In 2005, with an international team of students, she initiated a personal development business venture in Singapore. She served as an Olympic and Paralympic volunteer in the Games of Athens 2004. Having traveled extensively through China, she is also fluent in English and German and has basic knowledge of Japanese.

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Kendra M. Barthel

She’s grown up in the field – learning form the phone conversations, visits with global knowledge and innovation experts, and providing the administrative and moral support required to keep our E100 Network thriving. Kendra M. Barthel, a junior at California Polytechnic University (San Luis Obispo, CA USA) – www.calpoly.edu - was most influenced by Dr. George Kozmetsky from whom she witnessed how he devoted his life to the actualization of the dreams of others. “The love and wisdom with which he lived his life have left an imprint on the hearts of many and the KM field for all of eternity. In my mind, anyone who has taken an idea or dream and applied all of their passion and hard work in an attempt to make it a reality has the potential to be remarkable and influential.” As our 1st Junior E100, she’s destined to leave her own mark. 

Please join me in welcoming these talented people to the ENTOVATION Network,


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead



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