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Dear E100:

Imagine how we might innovate the world our children deserve to inherit. This World Summit is destined to be a lightening rod – grounded as an opportunity of our generation and conducting a vision of shared prosperity. Convening are voices from industrialized, transitional and developing economies in the spirit of innovating our future…together! This is a defining moment in our history when our heads, hearts and hands can meet – East-to-West and North-to-South.

And this is why we ventured to Oman.

The time has come to build a foundation of collaborative advantage – an arena where our commonalities are more important than our differences. The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIS) – www.wsie.org - provided a kaleidoscope of possibilities – each conversation serving as knowledge-in-motion. Inevitably, there will be a compounding effect of aspirations and action - defining the landscape of our Knowledge Society. History will document our success.

The 5th International E100 Roundtable in alignment with AKEA

There is so much to share; one hardly knows where to begin.

All was ably orchestrated by E100 Abdulla AlSubyani, an executive from Saudi Aramco as well as founder of the Saudi Society for Technology Development and Transfer, the Gulf Venture Capital Association and the Arabian Knowledge Economy Association – the organization co-sponsoring the event. Sponsors included Prince Bander (Saroof International), Princess Mashael (IDRAK), Fahad Al-Nafie (Fahad Al-Nafie Corporation), Rashid Al-Suwaiket (Al-Suwaiket Oil & Gas Equipment), and Sam Hamdan (Global Leadership Team).

Let us start with the Opening Session which was an outline of ENTOVATION: ‘A New Dawn: Context, Evolution and Potential.’ This introduction is an orientation for new E100 and a good refresher for others as to our progress. More important, in the context of Friedman’s book – The World is Flat, it outlines how we can become a generation of 11/9 versus 9/11. If you do not know what that means, look inside!

E100 Dr. Charles Savage captured an E100/AKEA Photo Essay of the events and players of the E100/AKEA Roundtable. Many more have been compiled and will be soon available in a video slide show – complete with music from our E100 pianist – Silvard. For now, enjoy the snapshots of a rather extraordinary experience.

And you may already have seen the published article – ‘Letter from Oman – that appeared in Inside Knowledge magazine. If not, take a look at this ONE page that captures the essence of our time together…

Award for the 2006 Ken Practitioner of the Year

Dr. Tayeb Kamali, was honored in receiving the ENTOVATION Award  for his for decades of knowledge leadership creating the opportunity to shape collaborative advantage. Dr. Kamali is the Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), and Vice Chairman of the Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT), the first Technology Park in the UAE.  He is also Chairman of the CERT Thales Institute, Chairman of the Board, Emirates Driving Company, Chairman of the Board, Education Without Borders World Forum Board, Founding Board Member of the World Federation of Associations of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFACP). He joins previous recipients: Admiral Bobby Inman, Dr. Thomas F. Malone, Leif Edvinsson, and Dr. Edward DeBono.


There were several other presentations during the day, including the showcase example of the KEN Certification Program that has been facilitated by E100 Dr. Oliver Schwabe with USAID funds across the Ministries of Egypt and managed by E100 Effat El-Shooky, Vice President of RITSEC (Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center). Take a look at BOTH the presentation A Knowledge Recipe for Creating Knowledge Innovation® Zones: Developing Knowledge Innovation® Competence for Egypt, the Region and Beyond”  as well as the article that was published in IC Magazine  on the topic the same month.

J100 - The Junior E100

Another presentation delivered by Dr Oliver Schwabe was something we have been developing since the 1st International Roundtable in New York City – the youth component for ENTOVATION. In a presentation prepared by 3 women – Judith McCrory, Maria Loumioti, and Kendra M. Amidon – they have outlined the foundation for the “J100: Developing and Empowering the future Leaders of a knowledge-based Society.”  Please note that this is J to the 100th power!

KIZ Preview

Thanks to E100 Christopher Geary and the talented team of the Integrated Visions Group, we were able to release the Preview: The State of Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ).  If you have not already been into the new site – www.inthekzone.com, I suggest that you visit. MUCH more information is forthcoming, including the KIZ State-of-the-World Report, announcement for our Knowledge Innovation® Prototyping Arena and plans for putting KIZ in interaction. Further, the article prepared with E100 Bryan Elliott Davis on the Triple Knowledge Lens outlines the integration of the Knowledge-based Economy, Commerce and Business; the Knowledge-based Society, People, Communities and Culture; and the Knowledge-based Infrastructure, Organization, Technology and Environment - appeared in IC Magazine.

KIZ Declaration

You have already seen the Declaration on our website. What you may not know is the initiative being taken by several E100 to have it translated and published in different languages. For example, the KIZ Declaration  appeared in IC Magazine in Italian. It was also translated in Arabic in a large poster version for the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Roundtable Testimony:

And so you were unable to attend; and yes, you WERE missed. Take a look at a few of the comments below and make a pledge that you will join us for the next E100 Roundtable – wherever it will take us in some other corner of the world!

“The 5th Entovation Roundtable and World Summit was absolutely fabulous. The curiosity and eagerness of the participants to learn as well as the overall contribution of intellect was energizing.  We traversed beyond the boundaries of culture, color, creed, and conversation to innovate and communicate!! An absolute must attend in the future.  Oman was the perfect setting for a global meeting of the minds and hearts that will reach towards and achieve a better world.” – Lynne Schneider, Defense Business Board

"It was an education to meet with the E-100 & AKEA team and watch the vision toward a new knowledge and collaboration era being articulated by people of remarkable intellectual and academic standing. This joint meeting was an expression of the practical side of this vision as applied to the Middle East environment. It was equally refreshing to combine such high intellectual content with the enthusiasm and dynamism of the young generation which attended and helped organize the subsequent summit. The motions of the Summit gravitated toward what I regard as one of the most insightful questions that would go a long way toward bringing the E-100 vision to practice in Middle East. This question is 'How to use this vision to produce the tools that create a new, enlightened and strong middle class in Middle East?". The answer to this question is what I will be working on in the years to come." - Mohammad Makhlouf, OMNI Oil Technologies

“Our AKEA – E100 meeting in Oman convinced us the press is hopelessly lost in superficial stereotypes.  Our cultures, East and West, are so deeply intertwined and each has such a rich appreciation for the importance of “knowledge,” that it is so nice to be dialoguing and visioning together.  Indeed, we were in the “knowledge zone” during our meeting. And as we build together on the good work of Debra and Bryan around KIZs, plus the visions emerging from AKEA, we are doing our small part to put things in the right direction.”Dr. Charles Savage, Knowledge Era Enterprises, and Elisabeth Sundrum, e-Culture team

“This event was very inspiring and learningful. The E100 meeting generated a lot of insights among others on Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ). A most impressive KIZ Preview is now available. A KIZ Declaration signing process took also place. In combination with all the meetings and relationships crated together with visitors to WSIE we have now a most powerful process in progress for Entovation. I also appreciated very much to get the cultural aspects from the Arab Region as well as be a part of the new AKEA - Arabian Knowledge Economy Alliance…a step into our future.” – Leif Edvinsson, UNIC

"The World Summit on Innovation and Enterprise held in Oman was an inspirational experience - a rare global confluence of public, private, education and voluntary sectors brought together to consider our common challenges in the Information Age. It was also rare in its determination to go beyond the usual talking shop self-congratulatory type of event into a real committed plan of action. For my own part I offer the use of virtual seminar technology as a catalyst for that aspiration for action."David Wortley, De Montfort University

“WSIE in Oman was ENTOVATION in action – real-time innovation by some of the most brilliant minds in the world in a stunning location and hosted by wonderful people. I am deeply indebted to Debra and the effort to help make this happen and also for providing the stage for sharing the successes and vision of the KEN Practitioner program being delivered to the Egyptian government. Especially memorable were for me the opportunity to share the message of the E100 at the town-hall meeting (including to notice how warmly that was received), meeting a real princess, the chance to begin exploring what Knowledge Innovation® may contribute to the Middle East Peace Process, and on a humorous note that Calvinball is becoming an international sport! The challenge of such events is of course to take principles into action and I sincerely hope that we will all make a dedicated effort to collaborate in making this happen. As Leif Edvinsson would say - the brain-presence was amazing. WSIE has raised the visibility of Entovation and the E100 significantly - indeed the after-shocks are still being felt (in a positive manner).Dr. Oliver Schwabe, Eurofocus

“The Round Table was so very different from any conference/meeting I have taken part in before.  I am now a "lapsed" scientist but most of the gatherings I have been to before have been in relation to a specific disciplinary area in science or technology.  The Round Table and indeed the WSIE was a collective of just about all the things I have been involved in from social issues to the odd nantechnologist.  A bit challenging to get ones head around but a most exciting environment to have been in.  It was also a meeting of the minds in relation to people with energy and a positive ’it can be made to happen’ view of the future which was very stimulating.  I could relate strongly to the theme that came through constantly of collaboration and co-operation as the place where advancement in social and economic development will come.” Dr. Ken Johnson, Desert Knowledge Australia

Hopefully, we will see YOU next year!



“WSIE - the beginning of an enduring journey without distance and without barriers…people of different walks of life who have   one common vision.”   

   - Deepak Chopra
































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