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Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM
A New Intelligence Service on Knowledge Innovation

Creating value through better development and management of knowledge has become recognised as fundamental to sustainable growth. But, like many new top management agendas, it is too easy to 'jump on the bandwagon' without fully understanding where and how to apply new concepts and models.

Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM has been developed to help you succeed through being kept fully informed and advised in three different ways:

  • Regular updates on theory and practice in the Ten Knowledge Innovation Success Factors. 6 issues a year ensure that each topic is reviewed in depth at least annually.
  • Briefing papers to provide the essential basics in an easy to use and standard format (see the sample Introducing Knowledge Management.
  • Online resources, newsletters and discussion to bring you timely information and advice

Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM will help you develop your understanding of the critical components of the knowledge agenda. It will give you:

  • Insights into trends and developments
  • In-depth analysis of implications
  • Key concepts for better understanding
  • Case studies: exemplars of best practice
  • Frameworks for decision and action
  • Guidelines for value creating action
  • Tools and techniques that help you succeed
  • Resources and reviews

Ten Ways Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM helps you gain the knowledge advantage:

  1. Structured Briefings - covering evolution, key concepts, cases, practical guidelines and resources.
  2. Analysis - using proven information refining techniques unearths underlying trends and issues.
  3. Layout - find relevant information faster through a consistent information schema.
  4. Interaction - direct interaction with our authors.
  5. Guidelines - practical action oriented guidelines.
  6. Technology Trends - keeping you abreast of developments in new knowledge technologies.
  7. Web Watch - new and useful World Wide Web sites.
  8. News Briefs - personalities, events and other news.
  9. Reviews - our candid opinion on key publications.
  10. Resources - continually updated bibliographies, 'hot-links', information sources, consultancy services.

Introductory Discount

Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM will be launched in a few months time. It will be available in both online (e.g. in a format suitable for your company's Intranet) and hard-copy. To be kept informed of developments, including some 'early briefings', and to get a founder subscribers discount, please email David Skyrme to register your interest.

In your email please provide your email address, your full name, organisation, and postal address, and which of the topics to be covered are of most interest to you.

The Editors and Publishers

Debra M. Amidon
Executive Editor (USA)

Founder and Chief Strategist of ENTOVATION International, she has contributed to the development of our understanding of knowledge-based businesses since the mid-1980s. An example is her foresight in establishing a roundtable in 1987 Managing the Knowledge Asset into the 21st Century. She regularly presents her analysis to senior executives and has published numerous articles in leading journals and magazines. Her book The Ken Awakening has been acclaimed by Leif Edvinsson, Vice President of Intellectual Capital at Skandia as "insightful with practical hands-on suggestions". These qualities have been carried over into Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM.

David J. Skyrme
Executive Editor (Europe)

Principle of strategic knowledge consultancy David Skyrme Associates, he was formerly strategic planning manager for Digital Equipment (DEC) in the UK, prior to which he created their market intelligence unit, using many of the precursors of today's knowledge bases. He blends hands-on use of information and communications technology with an analytical approach to developments in management theory and practice. He co-authored with Debra Amidon the Business Intelligence report Creating the Knowledge-based Business. This provides an excellent basis of international best thinking and practice from which Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM has evolved as an ongoing service to keep executives informed of ongoing developments.

Jan Wyllie
Trend Analyst

Founder of Trend Monitor International, a provider of authoritative intelligence in the fields of IT, management and the environment. Pioneers in the application of content analysis to identify critical trends to inform business leaders and policy makers in strategic decision making. This method uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to systematically monitor developments in the evolving knowledge economy. Trend Management's reports and concept maps have identified emergent trends e.g. the Year 2000 problem and Internet commerce, before they entered mainstream management consciousness.

Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM takes advantage of Trend Monitor's information and knowledge 'refineries' that underpin effective business intelligence services.


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