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Introductory Practicum

Audience Senior functional or business unit executives interested in learning about the opportunities afforded the knowledge economy
Focus Basic introduction to the rationale, language and concepts of the knowledge movement and its related practices.
  • Understand the fundamentals of a hyper-competitive environment.
  • Explore the variety of facets and fundamentals of modern management.
  • Learn the importance of management architectures.
  • Understand the implications for day-to-day business strategy.
  • Know the importance of managing your organization intellectual assets.
  • Gauge your organization practice against generation management.
  • Identify new avenues for stakeholder interaction.
Content Context
  • Knowledge management: fad or fundamental?
  • What is the new knowledge value proposition?
  • What is the community of knowledge practice?
  • What generation of management represents your enterprise?
  • How do you deal with hypercompetition?
  • How do you compete through collaboration?
  • Do you have an explicit innovation process?
  • How might you manage and measure the process?
  • How do you engage leaders across the organization?
  • What is your current mix of interaction with customers?
  • How has increased consumer demand effected your business?
  • How do you capitalize upon the opportunities of a knowledge economy?
  • Where is the knowledge movement headed?
Tools Sigmoid Curve
Litmus Test
Deliverable Common Language
Resources Global Knowledge Primer
"Momentum of Knowledge Management"
"Challenges of 5th Generation"
"Community of Knowledge Practice"
"Decade of Perspective"

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What Clients and Colleagues say...

"Debra is a superb presenter and a masterful leader of group discussions. Your company's ability to manage knowledge could benefit from her expertise."
W. Dale Cutler, Director of Corporate Research (retired), Whirlpool Corporation

"Debra is something of an intellectual force in the field of technology management.. dynamic and imaginative presentations..she is a pioneer thinker ..efficient organizer, a visionary leader."
Dr. A. R. C. Westwood, Vice President, Research 10000, Sandia National Laboratories

"...well-grounded in the business context, yet challenges management to think beyond normal horizons."
Dr. Charles Savage, Author, Fifth Generation Management



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