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State-of-the-Customer Practicum

Audience Managers seeking to (re)discover their customers with a new mode of interaction that maps to new knowledge products and services.
Focus Planning into the future with carefully researched concept mapped trends.
  • Discover a new way to view the true value of customer knowledge.
  • Develop and understanding beyond traditional satisfaction surveys.
  • Evaluate your current customer delivery mix.
  • Examine your product/service in the context of customer interaction.
  • Learn how to diffuse the service orientation throughout the entire innovation system.
  • Explore new avenues for developing customer intimacy.
  • Content Customers as a Source of Knowledge
    Modes: Sales, Relationship and Partnership
    Product/Service Matrix
    Profiles of Customer Innovation
    Building Collaborative Advantage
    Tools Profile of Customer Innovation
    Advertising Videos
    Deliverable A Customer Innovation Strategy
    Resources "Dialogue With Customers: Secret to Innovation"
    "Customer Innovation: A Function of Knowledge"
    ‘Marketing Messages: Customer, Knowledge and Innovation"

    See Innovate with your Customer Profile Dimensions here.

    In developing our profiling techniques, we have begun to compile examples of Exemplary Profiles of Customer Innovation.

    If you have candidates who should be featured as Profiles of Customer Innovation, please let us know.

    Contact Debra M. Amidon for more information.

    What Clients and Colleagues say...

    "Ms Amidon displays extensive knowledge of technology transfer.. visionary solutions to difficult inter-organizational problems .. articulate and effective in communication of complex ideas and concepts to various audiences."
    Larry W. Sumney, President and C.E.O., Semiconductor Research Corporation

    "Debra is at the leading edge... she exhibits an uncanny ability to tease the best conceptual thinking out of individuals fortunate enough to work with her. Her advice and encouragement have been absolutely central to the transformation of Corporate Relations at M.I.T."
    Mr. Tom Moebus, Director, Corporate Relations, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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