Entovation International
Innovate With Your Customer
Profile Descriptions

We work with you to create profiles along the following dimensions:

  • Core Strategy
  • Change factors
  • Performance measures
  • Organization Structure/Culture
  • People Motivation/Leadership
  • Cross-Boundary Processes
  • Information Technology
  • Results-to-Date

Each profile will assess your existing strategy against your business objectives and "world-class" exemplars. The outcome will be a viable set of strategies that increases your score on the appropriate Knowledge Innovation standards.

Exemplary Profiles
In developing our profiling techniques, we have begun to compile examples of exemplary practices. Our Exemplary Profiles of Customer Innovation include:

  • Steelcase Inc. - 300 per cent reduction in customer project cycle time
  • Hoechst-Celanese - retargeting products and services
  • Nortel - achieving reductions in time-to-market

If you have candidates who should be featured as Profiles of Customer Innovation, please let us know.