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ENTOVATION has been featured in a number of presentations at conferences and seminars. For over a decade, these presentations have been delivered to a wide variety of audiences around the world. The contents generally outline the best of future trends, an architectural design for strategy formulation, examples of leadership case studies and best practice.

Based on our extensive research into developments in Knowledge Management these seminars are designed to stimulate awareness of the ten Knowledge Innovation® standards and encourage actions for improvement. They also form part of our Knowledge Innovation Development Programme for small/medium sized business networks.

These presentations have been customized as in-house seminars to suit individual client needs. Material used in these intensive sessions provide greater in depth coverage and of the topics than is possible in a short presentation. These can be used to generate awareness, provide dialogue among peers and crystallize the rationale and plans for developing your unique knowledge strategy.

Here is a sampling of topics:

Seizing the Innovation Leadership
The Emerging Community of Knowledge Practice
From Business Planning to Innovation Strategy
Successfully Managing and Prioritizing R&D Projects
Managing the Knowledge Kaleidoscope of Change
Visualizing Opportunity in the Knowledge Economy
Knowledge Innovation Strategy: Managing the Momentum
Knowledge Strategy: From Process to Practice
Dialogue with Customers: Secret to Innovation
Cultures of the Knowledge Economy
Managing the Economics of Intangible Value
Facilitating Innovation through Knowledge Management
The New Knowledge Value Proposition
From Transfer to Transformation
Capitalizing Upon the World Trade of Ideas
CIO as the Chief Innovation Officer
The Monet of Management
Toward Modern Managerial Standards


What makes you unique as an organization is your knowledge-base. Others will replicate your products and services. They will copy your distribution channels. They will reverse engineer your business strategies; but they can never replicate your knowledge-base. How you define and leverage that base constitutes your distinctive difference.

Therefore, no one knows the readiness of your organization to accept the knowledge concepts and put them into practice better than you. The topics above are to stimulate your thinking on how you might frame the knowledge dialogue internally.

1. Consider your corporate culture - heritage and vision.
2. Consider your current leadership - functional, business unit, division.
3. Consider your relative positioning - strengths and weaknesses.
4. Consider your stakeholders - clients, partners, constituency.
5. Consider your internal language and current initiatives.

Now, determine what messages can be delivered, with whom and to what end.

In-house seminars and workshops are always developed in consort with client needs and expectations. Our goal is to make your successful with a systematic knowledge strategy designed for sustainable growth.

Our current executive awareness seminar is The Ken of Innovation Management. Other seminars and presentations can be tailored on request.

If there is sufficient demand from a geographic region, we shall offer these as open public seminars. ENTOVATION Founder and Chief Strategist, Debra M. Amidon also makes regular presentations at international conferences.

To register an interest or to discuss your requirements in further detail please email Debra M. Amidon for the local ENTOVATION colleague nearest to you -- see our Geographic Liaisons page.

What Clients/Colleagues say...

"Debra is a superb presenter and a masterful leader of group discussions. Your company's ability to manage knowledge could benefit from her expertise."
W. Dale Cutler, Director of Corporate Research (retired), Whirlpool Corporation

"Debra is something of an intellectual force in the field of technology management.. dynamic and imaginative presentations..she is a pioneer thinker ..efficient organizer, a visionary leader."
Dr. A. R. C. Westwood, Vice President, Research 10000, Sandia National Laboratories

"...well-grounded in the business context, yet challenges management to think beyond normal horizons."
Dr. Charles Savage, Author, Fifth Generation Management

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