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Seizing the Innovation Leadership
given in association with IQPC Ltd.

February 18, 1998
Cafe Royal

With the emergence of the knowledge economy comes an increased interest in the process of innovation and collaborative strategy. Whether it is called concurrent engineering, agile manufacturing, relational marketing, new business development or collaborative sales/service, managers are seeking the expertise inherent in the R&D function. How do we create the business plan for the market which does not yet exist?

Ideas, however, no longer reside inside the research function, nor within the confines of the research laboratory. R&D professionals are expected to manage complex alliances with internal and external stakeholders in what has come to be known as the extended enterprise or the 'Strategic Business Network.' Success requires working knowledge of the innovation value-system, rather than the value-chain.

This workshop provides a practical understanding of the ten dimensions of innovation strategy:

  1. Collaborative Process
  2. Performance Measures
  3. Education/Development
  4. Learning Network
  5. Market Positioning
  6. Products/Services
  7. Market Penetration
  8. Image Campaign
  9. Competence Leadership
  10. Communications Technology

Strategy and the implications for one's own leadership in the organization are also covered. Topical areas to be discussed include:

  • Role in the innovation system
  • Intangible measures for success
  • Link to new products and services
  • Customer innovation
  • Collaborative technologies for knowledge creation, sharing and application.
  • Participants will gain:

  • A context for the R&D leadership amidst Kaleidoscopic change
  • The rationale for knowledge as the asset to be managed
  • An understanding of the diverse functions involved in the emerging Community of Knowledge Practice
  • A perspective of the entire innovation value-system (i.e. idea creation to commercialisation) and ideas for collaboration
  • A method to gauge the current competence of your organization against the desired goals for optimal business success.
  • From this workshop you will learn examples of best practice, an initial perspective on the capacity of your organization to innovate, and ideas for how you can return to your organization with a new sense of R&D leadership in the knowledge economy.

    ENTOVATION clients include many of the leading practitioners in the field of knowledge strategy, such as Skandia AFS, Steelcase, The Mutual Group, British Petroleum, major consulting firms, lead research universities and research consortia throughout the world.

    Participants also receive a copy of INNOVATION STRATEGY for the KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: The KEN AWAKENING, application of the Knowledge Innovation Assessment and exposure to the Knowledge KaleidoscopeSM - an electronic intelligence service.


    Registration Details

    The workshop follows the 2 day conference Managing the Virtual R&D Laboratory, organized by IQPC Ltd., Cafe Royal, London SW1, 16-17th February 1998. The workshop runs on 18th February 1998.

    Prices are as follows:

    • Conference plus workshop: 1298 plus VAT.
    • Conference only: 899 plus VAT.
    • Workshop only: 499 plus VAT

    To register please contact IQPC. Freephone (UK) 0500 821 057 or +44 171 691 9191 (international). Email: virlab@iqpcmail.co.uk


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