[E100 Alert] – En Route to Muscat, Oman – 5th International Roundtable

Dear E100:

Imagine how me might innovate the world our children deserve to inherit.


For over a decade we have collaborated in local meetings and international roundtables in New York (USA), Helsinki (Finland)), Monterrey (Mexico) and most recently Barcelona (Spain). Each venue has afforded us a unique dialogue and exposure to a different part of the world. Now, we venture to the Middle East and have an opportunity to explore Oman. Even more important, we have been invited to precede the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – www.wsie.org.




This World Summit is destined to be a lightening rod – grounded as an opportunity of our generation and conducting a vision of shared prosperity. Convening are voices from developing, transitional and developing economies in the spirit of innovating our future…together! This is a defining moment in our history when our heads, hearts and hands can meet – East-to-West and North-to-South. The time has come to build a foundation of collaborative advantage – an arena where our commonalities are more important than our differences.


Several E100 have already been commissioned to participate as speakers:

And more invitations (and surprises) are in the works!!!

If you only attend ONE E100 Roundtable, I would encourage you to join us in Oman:


Roundtable Dates: 30-31 March

Summit Dates: 1-3 April

Location: Shangri-La’s Resort & Spa, Muscat, Oman


Special discount rates have been made available for E100 attending – first come, first-served!

As an added opportunity, we are planning to also meet with the newly founded Arab Knowledge Economy Association (AKEA) that has been architected by Abdullah AlSubyani (Saudi Arabia) and was facilitated by Dr. Charles Savage (Germany). More information will follow.

PLEASE – as soon as possible – let me know if you plan to register so that I can provide you with a discount code debra@entovation.com. Earliest registrants receive the highest discounts!


Launch of the NEW Website for the Knowledge Innovation Zone

Some of you have seen the preliminary site inclusions; but few have seen the recent materials resulting from our KIZ research performed by the Kaieteur Institute of Knowledge Management and ENTOVATION, with sponsorship from Integrated Visions Group.

Now, you can get a sneak preview of the trends, drivers, exemplar sites, comparative rankings, selected books and KIZ-related articles. Learn about the Triple Knowledge Lens that integrates the Knowledge-based Economy, Society and Infrastructure. View the trends, the emerging principles, and visit some of the sites currently under construction around the world. See how our certification program in Egypt establishes a standard for virtual learning.

This is our gift to you – a perspective of initiatives from industrialized, developing and transitional economies. Some innovative approaches may surprise you; other comments from leaders will inspire you. No doubt, many of you will have suggestions to bring to our attention; and they are welcome.

Bryan Elliott Davis (Canada) and I will soon issue our State-of-the-World Report on KIZ activity.

Dr. Thomas F. Malone (USA) has already provided the Foreword - http://www.inthekzone.com/articles/AAA___KIZ_Report___Malone_Foreword.doc. This is intended to be a teaser for the substance that will be published within the next month and premiered at the Oman Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. So, do not miss this opportunity to celebrate this milestone I our evolution. Indeed, we are at a defining moment…

Our Declaration of Interdependence

Heading for Barcelona, we established a Manifesto for Knowledge Cities. It did not take long for us to realize that the scope of Knowledge Innovation would extend far beyond the confines of urban development. Indeed, the KIZ-concept applies to geographical areas, companies and even virtual communities.

Thanks to the inspiration and diligent work of several E100, we finally have a Declaration of Knowledge Innovation Zones of which we can all be proud. Take the time now to view what has been drafted http://www.inthekzone.com/KIZone-declaration.shtml; and, if you would like to be aligned, let me know. 

Already, several E100 have already offered their support:

Debra M. Amidon,
ENTOVATION International, Ltd. (USA)

Bryan Elliott Davis,
The Kaieteur Institute (Canada)

Dr. Thomas F. Malone,
North Carolina State University (USA)

Dr. Piero Formica, Dean
Emirates International Center
for Entrepreneurship (UAE) 

Dr. Clinton. C Ackerman,
The Network Connection (USA)

Dr. Oliver Schwabe,
Eurofocus International 

Dr. Ron Dvir,
Innovation Ecology (Israel)

Dr. Eunika Mercier-Laurent,
EML Consiel (France)

Doug Macnamara,
Banff Executive Leadership Inc. (Canada) 

Xenia Stanford,
Editor-in-Chief, KnowMap (Canada)

Dr. Gülgün Kayakutlu,
Industrial Engineering,
Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)

Abdullah AlSubyani,
Saudi Aramco
(Saudi Arabia)

Sheridan Tatsuno,
DreamScape Global (USA)

Chin Hoon Lau,
Lagenda Knowledge Systems (Malaysia)

Dr. ZhouYing Jin,
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)

Dr. Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi,Technical Research Centre (Finland)

Yvonne Buma,
(The Netherlands)

Lynne Schneider, Defense Business Board (USA)

Dr. Chen Jin,
Zhejiang University (China)

Dr. P. M. A. Ribbers,
Tilburg University (The Netherlands)

Esko Kilpi, Esko Kilpi Oy (Finland)

Hubert Saint-Onge,
the Saint-Onge Alliance (Canada)

Dr. Janis Stabulnieks,
Latvian Technological Center (Latvia)

Dr. Ante Pulic,
University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Karmen Jelcic,
Intellectual Capital Center (Croatia)

Dr. Charles Savage,
Knowledge Era Enterprises (Germany)

Maria Loumioti,
YUASEC (Greece)

Christopher Geary,
Integrated Visions International
(Saudi Arabia)

Dragana Radovanovic, Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sweden)

Jerry Ash, Association of Knowledge Work (USA)

Dr. Ken Johnson,
Desert Knowledge (Australia)
Waldemar DeGregori
International Social Cybernetics (Brazil)
John Maloney
KM Clusters
Colabria (USA)
 Elisabeth Sundrum,
e-Culture Team (Germany)
Sante Delle-Vergini, CondoMillion.com (Philappines) David J. Skyrme, Skyrme Associates (UK)
Kendra M. Amidon, California Polytechnic (USA) H. E. Hazim El-Naser,
Former Minister in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Jordan)
Sam Hamdan,
Global Leadership Team (USA)
Colleen Lyons
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (USA)
Leif Edvinsson,
University of Lund (Sweden)

At the Oman Summit, there will be an official signing ceremony and opportunity to speak with the press; so I hope you will be able to join us. But if not, send me a message – debera@entovation.com – to have your name added.

Oman will be the 1st public event where the Declaration will be endorsed; but it is only the beginning. Already Ante Pulic and Karmen Jelcic (Croatia) have decided to publish it in their upcoming journal. If you have other ideas in different parts of the world and local and international media, let me know. Consider this yours as much as mine since most of it was constructed on the basis of your E100 interviews, researched trends, our E100 publication on Knowledge Economics (that WILL be published by the end of THIS month), and our deliberations – not to mention the recent KIZ research. At the least, consider linking it to your own website as well as news of our new KIZ site – www.inthekzone.com.


Back to the Oman Summit



The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a unique initiative like no other…connecting 800 of the World’s foremost movers & shakers that are changing the global economy. We will converge for 3 -4 days to help create a new future for the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to help solve the World’s most difficult challenges.



To realize this vision, the Summit focuses on six key actions: 

The world has caught up with our agenda. Leaders are no longer asking IF there is such a thing as the Knowledge Economy; they are asking HOW to be a full participant in the unfolding opportunities. Collectively, we have some of the answers. If we don’t, we all work in spheres of influence that do. Let us commit to having an impact in 2006 and beyond. Now is the time…

Let me know if you can join us in Oman!


P.S. If you didn’t see our New Year Wishes of Wonder, take another look - http://www.entovation.com/mailing/jan1006.htm (click on the video!).


"The beginning of an enduring journey without distance and without barriers… people of different walks of life who have one common vision.”  
 - Deepak Chopra








































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