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    Dear E100:

E100 Bettina von Stamm (UK) and Anna Trifilova (Russia) release their new website at the 2009 conference for the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) in Vienna.
  Indeed a picture IS worth a thousand words; and this is no exception. The above was created from the Kaleidoscope E100 Alert abstracts submitted by E100 contributions to the new book – The Future of Innovation.
  Take a look at the ISPIM Programme for a wealth of timely perspectives, including those presented by other E100, such as Ron Dvir (Israel) , Mark Turrell (USA), Verna Allee (USA), Karl-Erik Sveiby (Finland) and Oliver Schwabe (Germany).
  You can now find the website http://thefutureofinnovation.org/ - where all the contributions have been posted, including 40 from the E100 representing 26 countries. Each 500-word perspective is a treasure; and I’ve hot-linked them below for your perusal.
 E100 Contributions:

Austria Canada Croatia
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany India
Israel Jordan Latvia
Malaysia Palestine Romania South Africa Spain
The Netherlands
The Philippines
Russia Sweden Turkey
Ukraine United Kingdom
United States Venezuela
■ Title: The Future of Innovation
■ Publisher: Gower
■ Publication date: November 2009
■ ISBN: 978-0-566-09213-8


Debra M. Amidon (USA)
The Instrument for World Peace

Claudia Loebbecke (Germany)
Benefits of Being Realistic

Rob Atkinson (USA)
Innovation and Prosperity

Robert K. Logan (Canada)
An Emergent Phenomenon

Ramon Barquin (USA)
Excellent Because of the World's Huge Problems

Eunika Mercier-Laurent (France)
E-Co-Creating a Prosperoue and Happy Future

Alex Bennet (USA)
Tapping into the Unconscious and the Collective Conscious

Monica Moso (Spain)
Cognitive Spiders

David Bennet (USA)
Creating Innovation from the Inside Out

Edna Pasher (Israel)
Innovating for Sustainability

Yvonne Buma (The Netherlands)
A Stakeholder-driven Economy

Kenneth Preiss (Israel)
Re-inventing International Political Organization

Neville R. Comins (South Africa)
A Key to Development

Venky Rao (India)
Harnessing Creative Capabilities of Global Ecosystem

Sorin Cosmulescu (Romania)
The Power of Society Development

Greg Rivera (Spain)
Integral Culture

Raj Datta (India)
Inbuilt Through an Ecosystem

Sabri Saidam (Palestine)
Utilizing Hardship

Joe Döring (Malaysia)
A Function of Catharsis and Kairos

Olimpia Salas (Venezuela)
Leverage for Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion

Ron Dvir (Israel)
Through Future Centres

Lynne Schneider (USA)
Local Communities Provide the Impetus for Peace through Innovation

Hazim K. El-Naser (Jordan)
Infrastructure and Competitiveness

Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia)
Common Understanding of the Global Economic Processes

Stefan Fazekas (Austria)
Everybody Is Talking – Nobody Is Listening

Xenia Stanford (Canada)
Core Competence and Competitive Edge to ensure there is a Future

Piero Formica (Sweden)
To Think What Nobody Has Yet Thought About

Elisabeth Sundrum (Germany)
Innovating from the Heart

Konstantin Golubev (Ukraine)
Global Re-thinking to Innovate

Karl-Erik Sveiby (Finland)
Is Innovation Always ‘Good’?

Antonio Hidalgo (Spain)
A New Paradigm

Serafin D. Talisayon (The Philippines)
Sought in Non-Technological Spheres

Karmen Jelcic (Croatia)
Good Enough for the Future

Raivo Tamkivi (Estonia)
A Narrow View

Gulgun Kayakutlu (Turkey)
In Development Systems

Sylvianne Toporkoff (France)
A Key Opportunity for Europe

Lars Kolind (Denmark)
The Future of Innovation is Exciting

Anna Trifilova (Russia)
Will have Qualitative Effects

Chin Hoon Lau (Malaysia)
Enabling Hope

Bettina von Stamm (UK)
Up Close and Personal

    Please take the time to scan some contributions and realize how valuable you might be to one another. In some instances, you support the views of one another. In other cases, you provide counterpoints. In either case, we know the potential for future dialogue.

You might want to visit the Future of Innovation website to see all the other contributions from other experts and innovation communities. In fact, you can do searches where you might find surprising alignment!

    And all of this prepares us for some upcoming events, not the least of which is the ISPIM Symposium planned for 6-9 December, 2009, in New York City. Some of you may want to submit abstract for sessions yourselves. Hope to see you there…and stay tuned for more details. Mark your calendars now…

In the meantime, I hope these collective words provide some innovation inspiration amidst what has been a difficult economic time. I am told two things that do make me hopeful: (1) the future belongs to those able to convert crisis to opportunity; and (2) however deep the recession, the upturn recovery is projected to come thereafter…and be strong. Let us be prepared…

    Always in your Network,
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