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Dear E100:
Sharing the Wealth...
For over 2 decades, leaders within the ENTOVATION Network have played a major role in advancing the innovation agenda locally, regionally and globally. What have emerged are significant (oftentimes annual) events to coalesce talent. It is our eco-system – operating as a holonomy – to which we have contributed and from which we have learned. It has served as my own intelligence system; and it has been so for many of you.
Many members have been able to participate in one or more of the E100 Roundtables convened in New York, Helsinki, Monterrey (MX), Barcelona, Muscat (Oman) and Boston. They have taken advantage of the interaction and many have leveraged one another. Wise ones have used the progress of others as their own inspiration.
What I have observed recently, though, is an extraordinary increase in intensity, quality and alignment in the activities within in our constellation of networks. For this reason I would like to feature some of the initiatives forthcoming so you can take advantage of ones congruent with your own aspirations.
Just LOOK at what has happened only Recently…
E100 Robert A. Bell [USA] just held the Intelligent Community Forum - ICF 2014 Summit - in New York City [3-5 June]. He announced the Award - Community-as-Canvas2014 - for the Intelligent Community of the Year. Targeting the Smart21 and then the Top7, he has already launched the 2015 competition featuring the theme: The Revolutionary Community.
E100 Ian Bitran [UK] manages all ISPIM – International Society for Innovation Professional Management - activities globally. Recently E100 Martin Curly [Ireland], INTEL’s Innovation Value Institute, hosted the ISPIM XXV Innovation Conference in Dublin [8-11 June]. Upcoming is Innovation Americas [6-8 October] in Montreal, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum [7-10 December] in Singapore. Already scheduled is the ISPIM XXVI [14-17 June 2015] in Budapest, Hungary.
ENTOVATION Fellow and E100 Piero Formica [Italy/Ireland] manages the International Entrepreneurship Academy [Intentac]. He is very active in the International Association of Science & Technology Parks [IASP] and SPICE, an international network of Science Parks and Incubators experts. Recently he shared his vision of an Idea Supercollider [13 June] in conjunction with IVI and the ISPIM Innovation Conference. Of interest are the Academy Fellows, many of whom are E100.
E100 Giovanni Schiuma [Italy] is Director of the Innovation Insights Hub at University of the Arts London and architect of International Forum for Knowledge Asset Dynamics. The 9th annual IFKAD Forum [11-13 June] – in Matera, Italy. It was organized by organized by the Institute of Knowledge Asset Management with the theme – ‘Knowledge and Management Models for Sustainable Growth’. One of keynotes, Charles Landry, provided a post-Forum Creativity Summit. The 10th IFKAD [2015] will be held in June – location to be determined.
E100 Rob Atkinson [USA], head of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation [ITIF] produces events, newsletters and reports almost weekly, including a plethora of webinars and conferences, such as The Foundational Elements of the IP Transition [16 July], Digital Readiness: Rethinking the Digital Divide [17 June], and upcoming The Social Impact of Open Data [23 July] and From Big Data to Cloud Computing [31 July]. He also provides significant commentary and research reports, the most recent being: The 2014 State New Economy Index [11 June] and Understanding the U.S. National Innovation System [30 June].
In ADDITION to what is listed ABOVE, just LOOK at what is Coming…
E100 David Gibson [USA] is Associate Director of the IC2 Institute in Austin Texas. Several E100 are also Global Fellows at the Institute. Since 1997, the Institute has convened the ICTPI: International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation. ICTPI 2014 [9-12 September] which will be the 14th – is scheduled for Brno, Czech Republic, with the theme: ‘Building Sustainable R&D Centers in Emerging Technology Regions’.
ENTOVATION Fellow and E100 Janis Stabulnieks [Latvia] has been one of the 3 ‘musketeers’ – with E100 Pranus Milius [Lithuania] and (the deceased) E100 Raivo Tamkivi [Estonia] convening and annual event across the Baltic nations for almost two decades. Baltics Dynamics 2014 [17-19 September] is scheduled for Tartu, Estonia with the theme – ‘Where is the Future?’ E100 Rich Bendis, one of the keynotes and architect of InnovationDAILY, featured a special dedicated issue to the 2013 event in Riga, Latvia as well as a YouTube video showing the planting of the Innovation Tree!
E100 F. Javier Carrillo [Mexico], is Director of the Center for Knowledge Systems, ITESM, Campus Monterrey, and head of the World Capital Institute. For several years he has aligned with another E100 Rory Chase [UK] responsible for the Most Admired Knowledge Company [MAKE] Awards - a methodology now adapted to communities as the MAKCi Awards (Most Admired Knowledge City). 7th Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS-2014) is scheduled for Tallinn, Estonia [23-27 September].
E100 Sam Hamdan [USA/Lebanon] is the head of Tranzishen and Curator of the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – WSIE – which has been held annually and in conjunction with E100 Roundtables beginning in Oman. This year’s event - WSIE2014 - is planned for New York City [28-30 September]. You can visit Past Events to view previous presenters and messages, many of which include E100, as well as the Most Innovative People Award recipients.
E100 Richard Hudson [Belgium] is the founding CEO and Editor and of Science|Business Publishing – one of the finest sources of innovation information throughout Europe, including numerous compelling Reports. They have special coverage of Horizon 2020 and the Global Innovation Awards. They produce several events of special note is The Innovation Connection – the 2014 Science|Business Summit [7 October] scheduled for Berlin, Germany.
E100 Vincent Ribière [Thailand] is Co-Founder and Director of the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA) as well as the Knowledge and Innovation Management Ph.D. Program (KIM) at Bangkok University. He produces iKNOW – a quarterly journal which has featured several E100 on the October 2013 issue and a new series of IKI Talks. A major event – Creativity Bangkok – is planned 12-17 October - a six day creative journey with 50 international experts from companies like Google, Cirque du Soleil, Disney, Ubisoft and many more.
E100 Jalil Khavandkar [Iran], Director of Zanjan Science and Technology Park is the architect of The International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM) – an event convened annually and for which I have been invited to provide welcoming remarks. The 6th event - IICM 2014 [22-23 October] - is scheduled for Zanjan, Iran. Take a look at the impressive array of sponsors and partner networks representing an extraordinary sphere of influence. You can find the proceedings of previous events - IICM 2013.
E100 John Werner, currently Project Innovator of the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab, is the architect of TEDxBeaconStreet. A veteran of TED and TED Ed, he has led workshops for TEDx organizers at TEDGlobal, TEDxSummit, and TEDActive. Take a look at 2013. Since March there have been a series of ‘Adventures’ and Intimate Evening Talks. You will appreciate the Braintrust and Superheroes. TEDx BeaconStreet 2014 scheduled for November promises to be the best ever.
E100 John Dumay [Australia], a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School, is the chairman of the upcoming 11th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning - 2014 ICICKM [6-7 November] in Sydney. ICICKM was chaired at George Washington University by E100 Annie Green and I provided a keynote – ‘Toward an IC Bretton Woods: A Global Innovation Frontier’. Several others played integral roles, e.g., E100 Eunika Mercier-Laurent, E100 Mary Adams and E100 Jennifer Ann Gordon.
E100 Sylviane Toporkoff [France] is Associate Partner, ITEMS International and President of the Global Forum – a joint venture created in 1992 between ITEMS and Sophia Antipolis Foundation. Global Forum 2014 is scheduled for 17-18 November in Geneva, Switzerland, with the theme: ‘A Connected Age, Opportunities & Disruptions in a Time of Transformation’. Visit previous Forums documenting players and valuable insights.
And LOOK what Happened earlier in the year…
ENTOVATION Advisor and E100 Leif Edvinsson [Sweden] is one of the 3 original founders of The New Club of Paris. They have produced a variety of valuable publications, including the Journal of Intellectual Capital, a booklet series on the NIC and Financial Crisis in 48 countries, Reports and Advisory Documents. Leif’s TEDx video is available. The NCP Winter meeting [3-6 February] was held in Luxemburg. You can find the various forms of affiliation listed as Members.
So, where have we BEEN?
In 1987 when we began this journey, there were NO dedicated networks for innovation; so we created the E100. There were NO newsletters; so we created I3 Update/ENTOVATION News. There were NO forums to explore the implications of the knowledge economy on innovation – certainly not on a global or transnational basis; so we convened the E100 Roundtables. There were NO courses, so we created the Gyroscope. There was LITTLE diligent research on (what we called) zones of innovation; so we created the KIZ site. There were NO innovation awards; so we created one for the KEN Practitioner of the Year – KEN meaning to have knowledge and a range of vision. We even added-value with a collective contribution – a trilogy of books – on a new topic of interest: Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies.
Hopefully, you have visited the recent E100 Alert on E100 Authors and the E100 Authors page itself. And you may be interested in the ENTOVATION PressRoom where we try to give visibility for all the activities of which we are aware!
I’m certain I’ve missed considerable activity underway; and when we are aware, we can do our best to help leverage. Meanwhile, congratulations on your incredible work all year. Individually, it is impressive; collectively, it is simply AWESOME!
Just imagine if we could once again be on a collaborative technology platform to optimize our interaction…and influence?!

Always in your Network,

P.S. Thanks to E100 Manfred Bornemann [Austria] for helping created the ENTOVATION LinkedIn Map (above)!
Debra M. Amidon
Founder and CEO
ENTOVATION International Ltd.
2 Reading Avenue, Suite 300
Wilmington, MA 01887 USA
T: 978/988-7995
F: 978/863-0124

"Innovating our future...together."

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